About Us

Independent and lateral thinkers. Companion and door opener. Supporter and partner. This is how we like to describe ourselves. However, what makes us unique and where is your added value?

The key difference

From a single source: corporate strategy, business development / sales, sale of a company – we consult and accompany you in all three essential and consecutive phases of business consulting.

Unlike many consultants, we implement projects together with you and do not let you down halfway through the project. Where necessary, we complement your experience. This will maximize your synergies on the basis of personal collaboration and an intense trust-based partnership.

In doing so, we always keep a very close eye on the three components which are, in our opinion, the key factors of entrepreneurial success: people, vision, values!

We are generalists and aware of the aims and challenges you face as entrepreneur and manager and we have been in your type of position for many years. We actively live proven future-oriented strategies and disapprove of pigeonholing. We passionately establish new business models in traditional markets. We introduce theories and methods from other markets to lead our customers to success, we implement agile processes and monitor the latest technologies for our clients. Seeing the bigger picture beyond day-to-day business makes it possible for us to analyze problems and find suitable solutions for further improvements in a short time. We open new doors for you, even if they are jammed or seem to be completely locked. This is the reason why we have been a successful management consultancy both on national and international assignments for more than 15 years.

Another subtle but important difference:
The past has shown us that the best outcome is achieved if, after a successful orientation phase, the intended objectives are precisely defined together with the client – namely the question of when and how which results are achieved in which form. This is the foundation of “value-based pricing”.

In this way we ensure, together with you, that your targets are also our targets and success is jointly achieved - and that not just the approach is rewarded.